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Ignite Lighters

The Lighter


Ignite Lighter


About Ignite Elite Lighter

The world’s first rechargeable lighter that incorporates lithium battery and heating element technology. Flameless, no fuel required, durable in any weather condition, up to 75 lights when fully charged!

Ignite plugs into any USB powered port, charging takes approximately one hour.  The USB also has filing saving capabilities up to 16 GB varying between models.  Since Ignite does not contain a flame or fuel, it is does not require special shipping or storage like other butane lighters. Over 1.5 billion lighters end up in landfills each year. Help reduce your carbon footprint by converting to the revolutionary lighter by Ignite, it's the only lighter you'll ever need to buy.  We currently carry 4 Models of Ignite Lighters: Elite, Electra, Element and the all new Ember.

Ignite Lighters
Electronic Ignition Lighter 
Ignite USB Lighter